We are pleased to confirm the involvement of over twenty key HE associations and agencies as well as students groups from across the globe in the Higher Education Treaty.

Next Steps:

Step 1: Confirming Role and Membership of the HE Treaty Circle

Organisations that have confirmed their participation belong to the Treaty Circle. The Circle is responsible for advising on the key focus and considerations of the HE Treaty.  Organisations engaged in the HE Treaty Circle are asked to consult their members. The CA will organise a consultation process with its members in April 2012. We look forward to your participation and contributions.

Step 2: Confirming Role and Membership of the Editorial Team  

The Editorial Team is responsible for drafting the HE Treaty taking into account the consultation process.

Step 3:  First Draft of the HE Treaty

The first draft of the Treaty will be shared with the Treaty Circle by the 30th April. The CA and other partners involved in the Treaty Circle will have three weeks to consult their members and send in changes to the draft.

Step 4: Final Draft of the HE Treaty

The Editorial Team will draft a revised Treaty which is then shared with the Treaty Circle and the Treaties International Editorial Committee. The Treaty is finalised by end of May.

Step 5: Treaty Seeks to Influence Rio+20

The Treaty is shared with governments and intergovernmental agencies, media and other stakeholders who are asked to support and share the Treaty in the lead up to Rio+20. There will be Rio+20 events and meetings to showcase the Treaty at Rio. The Treaty is shared at other international events and partner conferences during 2012-13. Meetings associated with defining the Sustainable Development Goals will be targeted.

Step 6: Beyond 2012

A small team derived from the original Treaty Circle comes together to review and report on progress in 2013. The CA is keen to explore the potential of a publication showcasing examples of progress. This will be an excellent opportunity for CA members to showcase their work on sustainability.