CA Member of the Scientific Steering Committee, Philipp Schoeffmann (WU Vienna) and Dr Clemens Mader represented the COPERNICUS Alliance at the People’s Treaty’s Event at Rio Centro (13 June 2012)

Spearheading a number of outstanding official side-events the launch of the People’s Sustainability Treaties was one of the most energetic and fast-paced the Rio+20 UN Conference was going to experience. When on July 13 about 60 engaged leaders and representatives of major groups and stakeholders of civil society met, there was a feeling of excitement and collaboration - and of happiness about the completion of a development that was both voluntary and important for all people involved in the process. Together, 14 groups of organisations developed treaties that focus on important areas such as equity, consumption and production, sustainable development goals (SDGs) or ethical and spiritual values for sustainable development. The Copernicus Alliance, represented by Philipp Schoeffmann and Dr Clemens Mader, introduced the Treaty on Higher Education.
Dr Clemens Mader represented CA at the RCE event at Rio+20 held on the 15th June at Rio Centre. Rio+20 Side Event: “Multistakeholder learning towards green society” (15 June 2012)
On 15 June, Dr Clemens Mader was invited to represent the CA, official supporter of this initiative, to this event organised by United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU IAS) and the Ministry of the Environment (Japan). The event explored the role of the multi-stakeholder learning initiatives into green economy and society. It identified potential local-global and local-local and triangular partnerships that could facilitate transformative learning and action research for sustainability.
For more information about this event, please visit the following link.
Prof Daniella Tilbury and Dr Ingrid Mulà presented at an event facilitated by Dr Uchita de Zoisa on the People’s Treaties at the People´s Summit (17 June 2012)
On 17 June, Prof Daniella Tilbury and Dr Ingrid Mulà presented the People´s Sustainability Treaty on Higher Education at the People´s Summit event “Imagine all the people: Advancing a planetary movement.” We had the opportunity to meet other Treaty´s facilitators and know more about their initiatives. The participants and speakers of the event agreed to join the Widening Circle ( campaign. The Widening Circle aims to enlarge and strengthen the global citizens movement, nurturing the idea of global citizenship and promoting integrated action.
Prof Daniella Tilbury and Dr Clemens Mader represented the CA at the Rio+20 side event: “Aiming Higher: Unlocking the potential of tertiary education to accelerate sustainable development” (18 June 2012)
On Monday 18 June, CA joined other higher education for sustainability organisations (such as EAUC, ACTS, AASHE, GUNi, KACI, CEE, EuroMed) and hosted an official side event at the Rio+20 Conference. The event was opened by Prof Sir Bob Watson, Chief Scientific Advisor for Defra (UK) and brought together tertiary education associations, government delegates and student body representatives from across the world, to explore and agree pathways for change in context of the critical role that universities and colleges play in building a sustainable future. Prof Daniella Tilbury took part of the panel representing the COPERNICUS Alliance. Dr Clemens Mader represented the Austrian Government. The People´s Sustainability Treaty on Higher Education was presented at this event. The Treaty was very well received by participants at the event.