Andrew Barton presents the People’s Treaty to the Society of Sustainable Living (Prague, 5 June 2012)

A general overview of the People’s Sustainability Treaty on Higher Education was provided by Andrew Barton of the Charles University Environment Center to members of Společnost pro trvale udržitelný život (Society for Sustainable Living) in Prague, Czech Republic, on Tuesday, 5 June. The presentation provided some context to the drafting of the Treaty and the process of negotiation it will go through at Rio+20 and beyond, as well as highlighting its key commitments, evolving principles and activities.

Rio+20 side event: “Measuring a green economy: Insights into ‘Beyond GDP’ indicators”
The Charles University Environment Center together with the Czech Ministry of Environment prepared and led a side event at the Rio+20 Conference with the title “Measuring a Green Economy: Insights into ‘Beyond GDP’ Indicators” at which three respected institutions presented their methods for evaluating various aspects of societal development within the context of sustainable development.

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Rio+20: Contribution by Czech Major Groups

The Charles University Environment Center also led and managed the Czech Republic’s contribution to the Rio+20 Conference by organising the Czech Major Groups in the formulation of a document on what action they would like to see undertaken to ensure a more sustainable future. Following a public debate stated on the theme of UN initiative The Future We Want, the CUEC compiled and published a document summarising the views expressed in that debate. That document, Rio+20: Contribution by Czech Major Groups, has been published primarily as an appeal to the Czech government to commit itself to the outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference and to ensure their gradual implementation.