2404 SOS International Summit groupStudents, student representatives, academics, university staff and education charities came together in Enschede, Netherlands at the University of Twente from 14-16 March 2024 for the SOS International Summit: "Travelling from crisis to perspective: A holistic journey for sustainability". Over 100 participants from over 40 organizations across Europe, Africa and the Pacific joined in-person and online. The event was supported by a CA Cooperation Fund.

The 3-day summit was organized by Students Organizing for Sustainability International. Various topcis were covered, such as climate justice and effective student campaigning. The participants explored the role, purpose and impact of the Green Office Movement, and shared learnings on organizing effective sustainability events. Furthermore, they discussed the needs of the higher education sector and beyond for addressing the massive challenges we currently face related to the poly-crises of climate, ecology, wellbeing and social injustice (to name a few). The summit was solution oriented, sharing impactful projects, and through interactive sessions collaborative problem solving was progressed acknowledging each other's regional contexts.  

► Recap of the summit