2302 Urban shiftUrban Shift is an experimental, impact-based, and transdisciplinary education programme that focuses on creating lasting change by bringing together stakeholders from Higher Education Institutions, a Vocational Education Institution, urban experts, and business partners. Aspiring entrepreneurs will create green business solutions for tackling urban challenges.

The Urban Shift consortium consists of eight partners from five countries including Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). The project aims at reaching the goals of the EU Green Deal by providing ground-breaking innovations for fighting climate change and urban challenges in cities. The project will create a Living Ecosystem where educational institutions and businesses implement a Living Curriculum for transdisciplinary start-up education with learners across Europe. The backgrounds of the aspiring entrepreneurs include business, architecture & design, and media. Over the 3-year programme, ten transdisciplinary start-ups will be formed and receive support as they go from team formation to creating business solutions. The participants of the programme will also become Green Ambassadors, aiding in the dissemination of the project as well as the EU Green Deal. 

To further boost the dissemination of the EU Green Deal and the work developed by the students there will be two Living Exhibitions that will take place in Europe. Each Living Exhibition will travel to four cities and host several activities for the public to participate in. In 2023, these cities include Barcelona, Vienna, Stuttgart, Copenhagen and in 2024 Genova will replace Copenhagen. 

The goal is to inspire individual stakeholders beyond the project’s scope, such as future leaders, stakeholders, NGOs, consumers, green start-ups, policy makers, and incubators to take part in the global urban shift as active change makers.

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