2302 Green Buddies GrazThe University of Graz aims to foster environmental measures at all levels. "Green Buddies" are departmental volunteers who promote activities related to energy, waste, procurement, resources and mobility in their departments and exchange with the environment and sustainability team of the university.

"Green Buddies" are an important link between the university management and employees. They communicate between departments, institutes and centers, and they are in constant exchange with the environment and sustainability team of the university. Together, new sustainable projects are launched and measures are taken. For their voluntary engagement they receive goodies such as a visit to the hands-on lab and frequent Green Buddy events.
The first meeting of the Green Buddies took place on 7 December 2022. The university management introduced the sustainability strategy and presented projects of the University of Graz; afterwards, there was the opportunity to get to know each other better over a vegetarian and vegan buffet.



  • Collection of ideas and suggestions that will be implemented by the university's environment and sustainability team
  • Pushing and promotion of green topics (energy, waste, procurement, resources, mobility) in own department
  • Awareness raising for environmental topics in own department


  • Voucher for internal further education courses at University of Graz 
  • Free participation in annual Green Buddy Event 
  • Free bike service at annual "Bicycle check" at University of Graz 


An important aspect of this initiative is, that anybody can become a Green Buddy. The only necessities are motivation and willingness to develop and implement (small) improvements at department level and to be keen to learn!