2204 greenskills4citiesGreen Skills for Cities (G4C) is a new Erasmus+ project developed by Vienna University of Economics and Business and other partners. The project establishes a transdisciplinary educational platform and curricula targeted at working in the public sector, focusing on the development of skills in the field of nature-based solutions for cities. 

Green Skills for Cities is a project developed by Vienna University of Economics and Business, WU (Austria), Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, IAAC (Spain), Università Degli Studi Di Genova, UNIGE (Italy), and Alda European Association for Local Democracy (France) and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The aim of the project is to establish a transdisciplinary educational platform targeted at the development of green skills to be implemented across cities in the field of nature-based solutions (NBS). The project brings together trainers and learners from the fields of botany, technology, design and economy to develop curricula targeted at working in the public sector. The curricula developed will be reusable, transferable, scalable and open to all through the Online Repository Platform that is accessible through the website. 
The goal of the project  is to increase the quality and relevance of higher education through transdisciplinarity in order to better respond to the labour market’s needs, and to reinforce networks between stakeholders within the field of urban sustainable development.
Green Skills for Cities consists of three programmes, the Training for Trainers Programme, the Short Term Programme and the Long Term Programme. All the resources for the programmes will be stored in an Online Resource Repository Platform, which will be open to anyone who is interested in looking at the resources or developing the programmes for themselves. In addition, the partners will host online webinars and in-person national symposiums to share the insights of the project and bring together experts in the field. 

It is time to rethink how our educational curricula can provide training to compliment the needs of our cities!

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