2202 SDGs AcademiesThree years ago, the Erasmus+ project SDGs Labs – Making the SDGs our business started with the premise that the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a huge economic opportunity for start-ups and established companies. Under the lead of Vienna University for Economics and Business universities, businesses, NGOs and start-up incubators jointly developed a free online learning tool: The SDGs Academies helps incubators, start-ups and companies to implement the SDGs into their business practices.

The SDGs Academies is composed of two features, which are both free of charge and available in English, German and Portuguese:

  • For incubators and start-up academies: The open access online learning tool "Making the SDGs our Business", is designed as a learning journey to integrate the SDGs into your business performance. You can share it with your start-ups, link it on your website and list your incubator/start-up academy as an SDG pioneer on our international platform.
  • For established companies and start-ups: The Business Pioneers Programme targets established companies and offers a flexible workshop design and related materials for a first introduction on the SDGs as well as concrete next steps on how to use them as drivers of change and innovation.


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