2109 TPM OnTL CroatiaThe transformative quality of adult education will shape the future in several ways. The ambition of the Erasmus+ project Online Transformative Learning (OnTL) is to explore the opportunities for and limitations of Transformative Learning in virtual settings. From 9-11 September, the project partners, including the CA Team, came together for a Transnational Project Meeting in Croatia.

The beautiful island of Brač was the destination where the project partners met face to face for the first time since the project started in September 2020 – after an online launch that attracted a lot of attention during the online Higher Education Summit 2020. CA President Anne Zimmermann and CA Network Manager Mario Diethart joined their colleagues from Croatia (Isoropia), Germany (Visionautik) and Sweden (Legacy17) for a three-day gathering; a few additional guests were invited as well, enriching the core project team. The project itself is a good example of online transformative learning! Over the past 12 months, the project team facilitated a series of virtual meetings with practitioners in the field of education and invited them to share their experiences with online experiments.
Online delivery is particularly challenging in a transformative context because so much depends on personal qualities that have traditionally been conveyed face-to-face. In the networks represented by the partner organizations of the OnTL project, there is innovative experimentation with these issues, based on different models or theories of learning and building on different face-to-face skill sets. The project aims to synthesize these experiments in order to further explore the boundaries of the possible.
The partners’ meeting in Croatia was the kick-off for the final project phase; by the end of the year the collected materials and experiences will be translated into tangible outcomes.


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