2107 IWN GrazUniversity employees have a big responsibility as role models and multiplicators when it comes to sustainability, both at professional level and in their private social environment. Adapting new habits and integrating sustainable routines in daily life starts with knowing about it. The University of Graz added three new courses to its further education programme for staff members to raise awareness for sustainability issues. Both academic and administrative employees can take the courses for free and obtain a certificate.

As part of an internal further education program University of Graz staff members can choose from a variety of courses to enhance their knowledge and skills. These courses are voluntary and free of charge and mostly facilitated by colleagues for colleagues. Starting in summer 2021, the programme was enriched with three new courses, to be offered twice a year on three consecutive days. Each course lasts three hours and provides general information as well as practical knowledge that participants can apply immediately:

  • Introduction to sustainability incl. ecological footprint
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Sustainable nutrition and office

The first round in July attracted a broad scope of participants from different departments (languages, arts, IT, administration, etc.). The facilitators from the RCE Graz-Styria and the Directorate of Resources and Planning concluded: “As a future-oriented university we have a responsibility to enforce sustainability at all levels, which goes beyond teaching students. Our colleagues are an important target group if we are to become even more sustainable as an institution. The positive feedback from the course participants encourages us to continue our efforts in that direction.”