The National Union of Students (NUS) has been championing student-led sustainability across the UK for ten years now. Delivering behaviour change programmes in over 100 students’ unions, and recently securing £5 million of funding to embed sustainability across higher education, NUS works to help students leave their time in education as part of the solution to our environmental challenges.

NUS has made a successful priority of taking its greening initiatives beyond the boundaries of campuses, and now is excited to be moving beyond the borders of the UK as well – joining the dots with other national student movements, to create a global student voice on sustainability.

This year, NUS is really excited to launch its renowned Green Impact behaviour change model at MacEwan University in Canada. NUS has been supporting their students’ association since last year, helping students and staff to green their institution, providing remote support, resources and good practice. Beyond Canada, NUS is preparing to launch across Australia next academic year – further empowering students to explore local solutions to global problems.

NUS is also taking an adapted version of its Student Switch Off model across the EU – delivering its energy-saving campaign in 12 institutions across four countries. Developed internationally under the name of SAVES (Students Achieving Valuable Energy Savings), the programme incentivises energy saving in halls of residence and student accommodation – a time when energy bills are often included in rent, and greener living might not come naturally.

NUS is committed to working with student associations across the international community to create a unified voice for sustainable development. They are really thrilled about the work they are already doing, and so excited for the future work which can be developed as new members of CA.