2007 Schools for the futureWeaving together creative learning, place-based learning, education for sustainable development and futures education, the project will create a participatory, emancipatory and transformative learning experience in 20 classrooms. The project is led by the Society for Creativity in Education, Prague, and builds on the running applied research pilot project "Education for the Future", led by Laura Henderson and Jana Dlouhá at CUEC. Both projects aim to develop school pupils’ capacity to imagine and envision alternative futures, and their self-perception as agents of change in actively creating a just, regenerative society.

The theoretical basis of the projects draws on action competence (Jensen and Schack, 1997), the Lundy model of participation (Lundy, 2007), key competencies for sustainability (Rieckmann, 2017), creative habits of mind (Lucas et al., 2013) and Nerstrom’s (2014) model of transformative learning. Educational goals are being evaluated by a process of action research.

The pedagogical approach is interdisciplinary project-based learning, where pupils, class teachers and external artists work together over several months to identify a local sustainability challenge. Using the SDGs as a tool for analysis, they develop a complex and holistic understanding of this challenge. Values reflection, critical thinking, collaboration, self-awareness and locus of control are all developed through the process of identifying change at personal and social levels to address these challenges, and imagining alternative, regenerative futures.

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