Following the approval of members attending the AGM, our President, Prof Daniella Tilbury has brokered a new partnership for CA. There are plans to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) next June 2014 with the Global Universities Partnership on Environment for Sustainability (GUPES).

GUPES  is a flagship programme of UNEP’s Environmental Education and Training Unit (EETU) that aims to promote the embedding of sustainability into teaching, research, community engagement and the management of universities, as well as to enhance student engagement and participation in sustainability activities both within and beyond universities. At present, over 370 universities from five different continents are part of the growing GUPES network.
The collaboration between CA and UNEP GUPES will include looking at opportunities to develop joint education materials and reports; deliver training programmes; and, exchange opportunities for members from both networks to participate at conferences and events hosted by both organisations.
Specific joint plans and activities between CA and UNEP will unravel within the following next months and will be shared with members through the newsletters. CA is pleased with this partnership plans with GUPES - one of the largest international networks on sustainability in higher education.