COPERNICUS Alliance Conference 2015

Transport to/in Madrid

Getting to Madrid

The following link provides information on how to get to Madrid.

UE4SD partners are encouraged to use sustainable transport to get to Madrid. However, due to the limited budget available and Commission rules, this can be difficult for most participants. As an alternative, you might want to consider compensating your CO2emissions. One of our partners in Austria has developed a really interesting compensation project which funds social and sustainability projects. See: BOKU CO2 compensation project.

Getting around Madrid

To get around Madrid, please visit in this link which includes information about transport and facilities:

There are different ways to get to Madrid from the airport using public transport. You can use a bus shuttle (5€, all airport terminals), metro (about 5€) or train (about 3€, preferably from Terminal 4). You can also take a taxi, with a fixed rate from the airport to the city centre of 30€.

Although the Autonomous University of Madrid is 15 kms out the city centre, we have selected meeting venues and hotels located in the centre of Madrid, so that you can walk and use public transport. The section on accommodation includes links on how to get to the Annual Meeting venue from each hotel.








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