hands imgMembership of the COPERNICUS Alliance (CA) provides excellent value and networking opportunities for higher education institutions, agencies and related organisations working on building sustainable futures. It offers exchange with a vivid network, updates on sector developments, sharing of best practices, opportunities for funding and joint research, and participation in SD/ESD consultations.


Institutional members

As an institutional member your faculty, staff and students can enjoy the many services and benefits available:

  •  Professional Development  
    Participate in CA workshops and training sessions. The CA offers excellent opportunities for professional development in leadership and organizational change for sustainability.
  •  Conferences and Seminars 
    Participate in events and discuss issues at the forefront of sustainability in higher education. Benefit from discounts for the CA Annual Conference (Higher Education Summit), which offers opportunities for interactive idea sharing, dissemination, and informal networking.
  •  Financial Support 
    Receive CA Cooperation Funds to fund joint initiatives with other members such as workshops,conferences, publications, etc.
  •  Exchange 
    Exchange with colleagues from other member institutions and get to know new members in frequent online gatherings.
  •  Funding and Research 
    Participate in collaborative European research projects and joint bidding with other institutional members.
  •  CA Newsletter 
    Receive key information about the latest developments and events regarding sustainability and higher education in Europe and beyond as well as CA members’ news and achievements.
  •  Dissemination and Outreach 
    Make use of various communication channels and share your achievements with an international community through the CA Newsletter, website and joint scientific publications.
  •  Governance Opportunities 
    Participate in and be part of the CA Advisory Board, task forces and working groups.
  •  Policy Developments 
    The CA engages and participates in international gatherings and dialogues that influence higher education policy. Members are encouraged to contribute to these activities (e.g. observer status at UNESCO, UNECE, IAU, etc.).


New to the COPERNICUS Alliance?

We are offering an institutional trial membership for first-time subscribers which allows you to enjoy the benefits of CA membership for a whole year.


Higher Education associations, agencies and NGOs

Higher Education associations, agencies and NGOs located in Europe can become members and actively engage in the network’s activities for a reduced rate. These members have full voting rights and can enjoy the whole CA package of benefits and services.


Student organizations

We foster student involvement and offer a membership for European and international student organizations for a reduced rate, which covers all benefits and services including Cooperation Funds.



University departments, individual researchers and students can join as observers for a reduced membership rate. This will give them access to resources and communication platforms without voting rights and access to Cooperation Funds. Partners from outside the European region can become international observers.


Annual membership fees

 INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP  Colleges and universities

 Full package of benefits
Full voting rights

 EUR 1,000
(1 YEAR)
 Colleges and universities Full package of benefits
No voting rights1 
 EUR 600

 HE NGOs, associations,
government agencies

 Full package of benefits
Full voting rights
 EUR 600


 Student organizations/
 Full package of benefits
Full voting rights
EUR 100 
 University departments,
individual researchers,
and students
 Limited package of benefits2
No voting rights1 
EUR 100 
universities, departments,
 and students
Limited package of benefits2
No voting rights1

EUR 100

 No voting rights at the Annual General Meeting of CA members. 
2 No access to Cooperation Funds. 
3 Membership in the COPERNICUS Alliance is linked to the calendar year and runs from January to December. New members can join at any time of the year.

If you have any questions regarding membership or network activities, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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