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As a university with a focus on natural resources and life sciences, the BOKU prides itself on being a “Universität des Lebens” (“university of life”) and continuously seeks to develop and improve upon aspects of sustainability in its teaching, research and campus operations.

This comprehensive approach to integrating sustainability has led to a wide variety of activities and initiatives ranging from signing the Copernicus Charta in 2002, publishing its first GRI sustainability report and gaining EMAS certification in 2006, to establishing the first Austrian doctoral college (dokNE) on sustainable development in 2007, offering bachelor and master’s programs in Environmental and Natural Resource Management – now the university’s largest field of study – and researching and promoting organic agricultural practices through the Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems and the Centre for Development Research.
It was thus no surprise when the BOKU chose to establish a Centre for Global Change and Sustainability (gW/N) in 2009. The gW/N networks between institutes, departments, platforms and initiatives at the BOKU in their research and teaching in the areas of global change and sustainability, as well as between the BOKU and national and international institutions.  This work involves cooperation, knowledge exchange and synthesis in research but also in teaching, policy advice and public relations. In addition to its efforts to increase sustainability in BOKU teaching and research, the gW/N also collaborates with partners to advance BOKU campus ecology. To learn more about its activities, please visit the gW/N homepage or contact the team directly!

European Network on Higher Education for Sustainable Development
Registered NGO under German law 
Registration Number: VR200489 
Tax number: 33/270/1066

Email: office(at)copernicus-alliance.org
Tel: +420 220 191 461

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