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  VIDEO     "Transforming Towards Sustainable Development" with Mario Diethart and Eeva Furman   
15/03/2021, in the course of the webinar series "Innovation for SDGs: inspirational tools towards sustainability challenges" organized by University of Girona and GUNi

  VIDEO     "From global problems on ESD to local implementation in HE"with Alexander Leicht and Ibrahim Abouleish   05/10/2015  
  VIDEO     "Taking leadership for implementing sustainability in higher education"with Geoff Scott and Adriana Troxler   17/11/2015
   "Competencies for Sustainable Development"
1 with Marco Rieckmann and Jim Taylor   17/12/2015
  VIDEO     "Innovative Teaching and Learning for Sustainable Development"with Kim Smith and Robert Barton   16/03/2016
Webinars in the course of the professional training programme, "Enabling Leadership for Transformational Teaching and Learning for Sustainable Development" at University of Zurich, Switzerland.