2012 conference"Transformative learning for sustainable development fostering the doughnut economy" is the theme of the next CA Conference, which will be hosted by Hasselt University. From 5-9 September 2022, Hasselt University will open its doors for a physical conference in Belgium, but an online teaser event will already take place on Thursday afternoon, 9 December 2021. What can you expect from this virtual afternoon? Interesting keynote discussions, interactive workshops, live debates broadcasted from a cozy studio and much more! Getting excited for an interactive, inclusive and inspiring afternoon full of doughnuts? Take your diary and mark the dates in the color of your favorite doughnut! More information and registration will soon be available.

“It’s the economy, stupid!” (Clinton, 1992) versus “It’s the planet, stupid!” (Thunberg, 2019): The economy and sustainability have long been considered enemies, until Kate Raworth published her bestselling Doughnut Economics in 2017. Her book tries to solve the apparent dilemma in the much contested SDG number 8: decent work and economic growth. According to Raworth, it does not matter whether the economy grows or not, as long as it provides “a safe and just place for humanity” (Raworth, 2017). In the end, that is exactly what transformative learning for sustainable development wants to achieve.

Whether you are an economist or not, we need all of you to provide answers to this question. After all, it is all of us who shape the economy, no matter what discipline and profession we are trained in. Chemists, mathematicians, social scientists, teachers, consumers, producers, citizens, volunteers – we are all part of the economy. We would like to meet beyond our ‘natural borders’ and discuss with you both research- and practice-related issues in order to co-create a doughnut economy.

We invite you to two events hosted by Hasselt University in cooperation with the COPERNICUS Alliance. Take your diary and mark the following dates in the color of your favorite doughnut:

  • Virtual online teaser for the real stuff: 9 December 2021 (afternoon)
  • Physical conference in Hasselt, Belgium: week of 5-9 September 2022