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“Research studies demonstrate that only a few universities have been successful in transforming the whole institutional culture and inspiring a widespread institutional change. The reality is that changing the culture and structure of universities and colleges is highly complex and requires the involvement of the whole institutional community. Change for sustainability in higher education has been primarily
driven by international partnerships and networks which are directing efforts to support sustainability innovation in all areas of universities.”

This special edition of Horizons (vol.18, no.2) is a CA-International Association of Universities (IAU) collaboration which provides an interesting overview of higher education’s engagement with sustainable development. The volume draws together articles from various regions around the globe, including contributions from several CA members including Gerd Michelsen and Marco Rieckman  (Leuphana University, Germany); Jana Dlouhá (Charles University, Czech Republic); and, Thomas Breu, Urs Wiesmann, Anne Zimmermann and Karl Herweg (University of Bern, Switzerland).

European Network on Higher Education for Sustainable Development
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